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Home : The Prison Letters : Archive : September 9, 1779
Mme de Sade to her husband.
September 9, 1779

Ever since you asked me for the night candles, my dear love, it has been an endless time that I have not received a letter from you.

If you are well and the reason is only laziness on your part, I will not say another word, not wanting to vex you in any way, although it would seem very hard on me to hear from you so infrequently.

Have you been unhappy with what I have sent? Is it that you do not want anything for the next fortnight? If you do not ask me for anything between now and then, I will not bother looking for anything, out of fear of making you angry, but your aloofness and your silence kill me. This sort of thing just drives itself into my head ["and me, up my ass," Sade wrote between the lines in the sort of note he frequently appended to his wife's letters].

Amblet asks for the return of the catalogue that I had sent you from the bookstore, in case that it does not suit your needs, but if there are books you want, that is a different matter.

Just a word, I beg of you, my dear love, because that is my only consolation.

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