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Sade to his wife.
[beginning of July 1779]

I do not have additional promenades, nor my room changed, nor the servant at dinner. That just proves how much you care about what I need, and how little pity you have for my state!

Nobody wants to send me signals or coded messages. On the contrary, they aim to make me understand that I am to be here still for a very long time.

Fine! Ladies and Gentlemen, [here Sade directly addresses and tries to manipulate the prison officials who read and censored his letters] I am telling you that if you do not very quickly accord me these three items that I request, I will look upon that as the proof of a very near release.

Ah! I am breathing now, and I flatter myself that such a threat will suffice to make you accord me these requests very quickly, and this, in truth, is all I want.

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